Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

Owning a pet means that you have a new responsibility for another life. As their guardian, you will want them to be happy and live long and healthy lives, which is why we recommend vaccinations. Vaccinations are effective in protecting your pet from debilitating diseases that can cause death. When your puppy joins your family, allow us to give you peace of mind by giving them the vaccines they need.

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What vaccines are mandatory for my puppy/dog?

Without vaccines your puppy/dog can develop deadly diseases. Sometimes this is due to the prevalence of the disease in the area where they live. In Ontario your pet must be vaccinated against Rabies, Parvovirus and Canine distemper. To get your puppy or dog vaccinated, please schedule an appointment at 416-463-8387.

Will my pet need other vaccines?

Yes, your pet may need other vaccines. These vaccines are recommended based on your individual pet’s circumstances (i.e. how much exposure they have to harm). Some non-core vaccines that may be recommended for your canine pal are Lyme, Bordetella and Leptospirosis.

Are vaccines safe for my puppy/dog?

Yes. All pet vaccines we administer have passed different rounds of trials to ensure they don’t bring harm to your pet. Some pets may have temporary and mild reactions to vaccines. The symptoms may look like fever, hives, soreness at the injection site or diarrhea. The symptoms clear up within a day or two so your pet will return to their normal health.

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