Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Getting a new pet is an exciting event for you and your family. Kittens are adorable companions to create special bonds with. For them to have a healthy life they need a good foundation, which starts with vaccinations. Leslieville Animal Hospital is the right place for your kitten and cat vaccinations. Our team’s goal is to keep your pet protected from infections and diseases with vaccines and wellness programs. 

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When should I vaccinate my kitten?

We start vaccinating kittens when they are 8-weeks-old. During the first months of their life, kittens are very vulnerable and vaccines give them some protection. Kitten vaccines continue at 12 and 16-weeks-old. Kittens are vaccinated against calicivirus, rabies, feline distemper and feline herpes.

How often should my cat be vaccinated?

Even as your pet matures into an adult they need to be vaccinated. Adult cats need to be vaccinated once every two to three years. Your veterinarian will administer booster shots as needed. If too much time passes between shots then the effect of booster shots can be weakened, which affects your cat’s protection. To ensure your pet is updated on their vaccines, please schedule an appointment at 416-463-8387.

What happens if I don’t vaccinate my cat or kitten?

By leaving your kitten or cat unvaccinated they are exposed to catching diseases and experiencing severe symptoms of those illnesses. Without vaccines their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight off viruses and bacteria. Unvaccinated cats and kittens are at risk of catching Rabies (which humans can be infected with), feline leukemia, distemper and calicivirus.

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