The heart is a gentle organ that needs to stay in good shape for the benefit of your pet. When your pet experiences cardiac problems they need medical help to get back on the right track. That’s exactly what our staff sets out to do. We have years of experience providing expert diagnosis and treatment for cardiac problems. Our doctors have special training to ensure that your pet’s heart functions as smoothly as possible.

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What causes pets to have heart problems?

Sometimes heart problems aren’t preventable due to your pet’s medical history. Heart disease can be passed on through genetics. Hereditary cardiac problems include defects like murmurs or irregular blood flow. Cardiac problems can also be caused by:

  1. Diet: An unbalanced diet can result in your pet being overweight and cause complications for their heart. 
  2. Age: Older pets tend to develop conditions such as leaky heart valves.
  3. Parasites: If heartworms are detected too late they can cause problems. This is why regular, year-round preventive medication is important.

How can I spot heart disease in my pet?

The heart is part of the cardiovascular system which transports oxygen to the lungs. When there is malfunction in the heart, your pet is likely to develop breathing problems. Here are signs you should look for:

  • Dry cough
  • Shallow breathing or shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Less energetic
  • Sudden weight loss

If your pet is displaying any of the signs above please call us at 416-463-8387 to schedule an appointment. We will perform diagnostics to determine the cause of your pet’s symptoms. If your pet suddenly passes out or stops breathing please take them to an emergency hospital immediately, if it is outside of our opening hours.

How can your hospital treat cardiac problems?

To treat heart disease we consider your pet’s age, specific illness and their lifestyle. Our veterinarians may recommend dietary changes like a low-sodium diet which helps reduce fluid build-up. Other options may include surgery to insert a pacemaker device or to repair torn valves. There are also medications we can prescribe that can correct their heartbeat patterns. Our goal is to give them a healthy heart which can help them live longer.

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