Ultrasound and X-ray

To understand your pet’s internal systems and organs we use ultrasound and radiology. These tools help veterinarians diagnose illnesses in pets and assess the condition of their organs without open surgery. At our hospital we use digital radiology (X-rays) which provide real-time images making it easier to diagnose your pet. Our staff received special training to interpret the images from both diagnostic methods. To learn more about our diagnostic tools please contact us at 416-463-8387.

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What are ultrasounds and X-rays?

During ultrasounds your pet’s body is exposed to sound waves that create images. The process is completely pain free and pets usually tolerate the procedure really well. Ultrasounds examine the abdomen and thoracic regions. From the images a trained professional can diagnose and create a treatment plan for your pet.

Radiology creates images by using safe and small amounts of radiation. Digital X-rays give us two dimensional images of your pet’s systems. We can adjust the image without losing the clarity. X-rays can be used to examine the heart, abdomen, gastrointestinal systems and bones. We offer digital X-rays on site which means most times our veterinarians can diagnose your pet’s condition during the visit.

When are they necessary?

Ultrasounds and X-rays can reveal many conditions in your pet. Whenever they come in with pain and discomfort we use these diagnostic tools to narrow down the cause of their symptoms. X-rays can monitor conditions like pneumonia, cancer, heart failure and many orthopedic issues. Ultrasounds can monitor pregnancies, abdominal pain, pancreatitis, enlarged organs, kidney and bladder stones. Since these tools detect different conditions we usually perform both so we don’t miss anything.

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