Client Care Representative

“I’m Horatio. This is my mum Annika. I’m the cute one in this photo. Mum said I would be more aptly named Johnny Rotten,  because I look, sing and act like him.  She seems to have other random names for me too.  My mum has been working in veterinary clinics for about 14 years – in fact that is where she got me. I was about 2 weeks old and an orphan. Mum took me home as a foster… and that was 12 years ago. Besides my Mum, I share my house with my annoying cat brother Saul and my big pupper Harriet. When she isn’t snuggling with her most favourite, ME! – Mum likes to stick bits of metal together using fire, and paint pictures of unimportant people I don’t know.”
-Horatio, Annika’s Cat