Dermatology (Skin)

Your pet’s skin and coat says a lot about their overall health and changes in your pets coat quality and texture may be indicative of an underlying problem. Maybe you’ve noticed them scratching more, missing hair patches, or having an oily coat or foul smell. Dermatological (skin) disorders are extremely common in our pets. Some skin diseases are very easy to diagnose and treat, while others are more complicated and require extensive dedication and follow-up by you, the pet owner, and our veterinary team.

Our veterinarians will assess your pet and take the necessary steps to make them comfortable, while focusing on the underlying cause of the problem. Skin disorders can be caused by a combination of issues and require a coordinated treatment plan.

Skin Infections

There are many reasons why skin infections occur in pets. Problems may arise because of ectoparasites (such as fleas, ticks, mites, or lice) or because of an abundance of bacteria or yeast growth on your pet’s skin. Skin infections are often noted at home because of a ‘funny’ or because your pet seems sensitive to the touch or is scratching him or herself. Our veterinary team will assess your pet and perform a few diagnostic tests. Generally a culture swab or skin scraping is required to properly diagnose and subsequently treat your pet.


Our pets can suffer from allergies too! They react by itching, scratching, chewing and rubbing. Often allergies can affect your pet’s ears. People often think that their pets have an ear infection when in fact, they may be suffering from allergies. There are many things that we can do to alleviate your pet’s discomfort, but finding out how to manage their symptoms is the key for long term success.