Weight Management

Weight management is not only a problem in humans, but recently pets are struggling with the same issue. When your pet is having weight issues it’s important they have the right support and discipline from their owners and veterinarian. When your pet is over their ideal weight they can develop different types of illnesses and have a shorter lifespan. Our hospital offers a weight management program to give pet owners the right tools and methods to keep their pet at a healthy weight.

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What happens when my pet is struggling with their weight?

Overweight pets are often faced with various health problems that sometimes develop into serious diseases. Those pets are likely to have arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and sometimes cancer. Arthritis is a disease that gets worse with the years which means your pet will become more immobile and will likely gain more weight. With a weight management plan we can reduce the effects of these diseases if your pet already has them. Our weight management program will address your pet’s diet and lifestyle right now before their condition becomes worse.

How does weight management help my pet lose weight?

The weight management plan we create works because it is tailored for your pet. We first have a consultation to decide what methods would be beneficial to your pet’s situation. Based on your pet’s age, breed and overall health our veterinarians will determine what is the ideal weight for your companion. We may suggest behaviour modifications, certain diets or exercises. Our online store carries low calorie nutritional foods and supplements that can help your pet lose weight. We may recommend limiting your pet’s treats or changing them to more nutritious options. Our team will share exercises to keep your pet active. As time progresses we’ll revisit your pet’s weight loss plan and adjust it as necessary. Keeping excess weight off is a lifelong process that requires discipline and commitment. To learn more about how we can help control your pet’s weight, we encourage you to give us a call at 416-463-8387.

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