Leslieville Animal Hospital aims to provide the best medical care to all of our patients. Occasionally we may diagnose pets with conditions that require complex treatments so we refer them to a specialist surgeon or clinic. The referred doctor is an expert in their field and in most cases only provides care for your pet’s condition. Our team strives to keep up with all advancements in veterinary medicine but it’s impossible to have the same depth of knowledge in all areas. To learn more about our referral program, please call us at 416-463-8387.

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Why would my pet be referred to a specialist or clinic?

Referrals connect our patients with surgeons who have special training and experience on a particular condition. At a referral clinic, your loyal companion will get the best medical support as these special clinics also have specific technology to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition. Our referral program is a testament to how much we care for our patients; we want them to get the best treatment available even if it’s not with us.

What can I expect from the referred surgeon?

When we refer our patients to a surgeon we try to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. We often schedule your appointment with the clinic and transfer the necessary documents for your visit. At the referred clinic you can expect quality care and a friendly welcome. Your pet will be given the same care they get at our hospital. Our team also stays on top of your pet’s treatment and diagnosis by communicating with the referred surgeon. For instance when your pet is referred to a clinic for orthopedic procedures we offer pre and post-op care to help our patients prepare and recover.

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