Just like humans your pet’s mobility can affect their quality of life. Part of the joys of owning a pet is watching them frolic and explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible when they have an orthopedic problem. Orthopedic issues refers to problems in your loyal companion’s muscles, joints and bones. These issues are often degenerative and can completely change your pet’s life if they aren’t given prompt treatment.

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What orthopedic issues do pets develop?

Some pets are more likely to experience certain orthopedic issues than others. Your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle or health history can make them more vulnerable to different orthopedic problems. Dogs commonly experience ligament tears, luxating patellas, disc disease and hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is very common in larger breeds and older dogs. Cats on the other hand often experience fractures, hip dysplasia, arthritis and tendon contractures.

How will I know if my pet is experiencing pain?

Your loyal companion will try to hide their pain, but unfortunately the pain will get worse and the signs of pain will become clear. This means by the time you pick up on the signals your pet’s condition may have advanced, so they should see a veterinarian immediately. Here are some signs that your pet is experiencing pain which may be due to an orthopedic problem:

  1. Difficulty maneuvering the stairs
  2. Reluctance to walk, run, or jump
  3. Being extremely cautious when they are standing up or laying down
  4. Weight loss
  5. Swollen joints
  6. Wincing

How can my pet’s condition be treated?

Our team will determine which treatment best suits your pet’s condition. We may recommend different approaches based on your pet’s lifestyle, age and overall health. Your pet may be treated with:

  • Supplements
  • Pain medication (anti-inflammatory)
  • Weight management
  • Surgery
  • Therapy

Does your hospital perform orthopedic surgeries?

No, we don’t perform orthopedic surgeries in-house. Orthopedic procedures are very complex and require comprehensive knowledge and skill to properly execute. This is why we refer surgeries to specialized clinics or surgeons. Even though our hospital does not perform these procedures we are able to diagnose conditions through digital radiology. We also offer pre and post-op care for patients. Please check our referral page to learn more about the program or call us at 416-463-8387 to learn more.

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