End of life care is extremely important and it’s difficult to prepare for it. We empathize with our clients as they go through this process. We have pets of our own, and we take great pride in caring for your beloved companions through the years. Euthanasia is a humane decision to end your pet’s life instead of leaving them to deteriorate from their condition. It is a pain-free and gentle way to end your pet’s suffering.

When should I have a discussion with a veterinarian?

We understand that the decision to euthanize is very difficult for most pet parents. If your pet is struggling with chronic pain or a terminal disease that is affecting their quality of life, our team may recommend the procedure. Before the decision is made we ensure all forms of treatment available are explored to remedy your pet’s condition. Unfortunately, when we recommend the procedure it means that your pet is suffering and merely existing instead of enjoying their life. You may notice your pet’s personality doesn’t shine through as much or they are showing signs of pain as their condition worsens. We provide pet parents with all the information they need to know about the process and give them time to make the decision.

How can I prepare for the procedure?

Even after understanding that the procedure is the last act of mercy you’re giving your pet it is still very hard to come to terms with. We encourage you to spend some extra quality time with your loyal companion. Find ways to immortalize the memories you’ve shared with them. If there are other family or friends who share close bonds with your pet, allow them to spend some time with your pet and say goodbye. It is normal to experience immense sadness once you’ve made the decision and you should take some time to feel your emotions. There are grief support groups that can be a safe place to share memories and experiences you’ve had with your cherished pet.

What happens when my pet is euthanized?

Euthanasia is carried out very quickly. It’s up to you to be present or not during the procedure; we understand if it is too difficult for you to be there. Your pet is given a high dose injection that works instantly. Your pet’s vital organs stop working and then they peacefully pass on.