Blood testing is an important tool used to learn more about your pet’s health. When your pet shows any signs of illness we usually run blood tests to diagnose their condition. Blood tests should be part of every pet’s routine care even if they are healthy. Our hospital has an in-house laboratory that can process your pet’s blood samples and have immediate answers. To learn more about your pet’s health, schedule an appointment at 416-463-8387.

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Why do you test a healthy pet’s blood?

Testing healthy pets gives us more information about their overall health. From blood tests we can determine how much anesthetic to use during procedures and we can determine your pet’s baseline measurements. Baseline health refers to their normal blood levels, which can be used later to determine if blood levels have elevated or changed. Another reason why healthy pets need blood tests is because many medical issues are dormant in the early stages. With blood tests we can diagnose unknown illnesses and prevent them from causing serious damage.

How do blood tests detect illnesses?

From routine blood screenings we learn your pet’s complete blood count (CBC) and biochemical profile. With this information, we can check for infections/inflammation and anemia. Bloodwork shows the state of your pet’s kidney and liver which means we can detect diabetes or Cushing’s disease. 

How should I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

To prepare for bloodwork your pet needs to fast for 6-8 hours. Failure to do this can result in fatty blood samples which means that we’ll need to retake samples. In urgent situations the doctor may still run a sudden blood test and still have a good sample.

Will my pet feel pain when their blood is taken?

Your pet will feel a slight pinch when the needle is inserted. Our technicians are very gentle when drawing blood and they work with precision to minimize any discomfort.

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