Behavioural Counselling

Understanding your pet’s behaviours makes it easier to give them the care they need. Many pet parents struggle to control the actions of their pet and at least 15% admit to having problems controlling them. We know how frustrating it can be to attempt to curb your pet’s behaviours without professional help. At Leslieville Animal Hospital, we try to understand your pet and create techniques to help them express themselves better.

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When should I consider behavioural counselling for my pet?

You should consider behavioural counselling for your pet when it becomes difficult to control their behaviour. It’s normal for pets to misbehave, but when you have to dedicate more time to correcting their actions you may need some help. When it’s difficult to follow your own schedule due to your pet’s behaviour it’s time to speak with a behaviourist. You should also consider behavioural counselling if your pet’s behaviour poses a threat to themselves, other animals or people. To schedule an appointment for your pet, reach out to us at 416-463-8387.

What may be causing my pet to behave poorly?

There are many reasons including medical issues that can cause your pet to act out. Sometimes the behaviour your pet is displaying is due to an infection or irritation on their body. This is why we perform checks to make sure their behaviours aren’t due to health issues. Your pet may be acting poorly because of:

  1. Previous trauma: If they were treated poorly in the past this can cause them to develop mental issues that show up in their behaviours.
  2. Anxiety: They may pace, pant or hide when left alone.
  3. Irritation: Some pets become aggressive when they are bothered by animals/people.

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