Additional Services



Leslieville Animal Hospital has a complete range of medications on hand for the treatment for your pet. Immediately after a diagnosis has been made, we are able to prepare and dispense the appropriate medication. If the medication is one that needs to be dispensed on an ongoing basis just call ahead (24-72 hours depending on the medication) and we will notify you once the medication is ready to be picked up. Some of our little guys are ‘picky’ and can be difficult to medicate with pills. If this is the case for you, do not worry because we work closely with a compounding pharmacy that specializes in making pet medications into liquids, pastes and treats, with flavours that your pet will enjoy!

Pain Management


At Leslieville Animal Hospital we take pain management very seriously. Pain can affect the body’s physical functioning, as well as your pet’s emotional state of mind and overall well-being. It is one of our top priorities to ensure that your pet is comfortable and pain-free.

By anticipating the potential pain associated with procedures such as spays, neuters or dental work, and by recognizing acute pain, such as the pain seen in pets with wounds or fractures, we are able to best manage your pet’s pain from the onset and throughout his or her treatment and recovery.

Chronic pain is often more difficult to diagnose, but our health care team is able to recognize the very subtle signs that may go unnoticed, like the pain experienced by those pets suffering from arthritis. We will also help you to recognize these signs in your pet, so that we can modify their individualized pain management plan when necessary.

We are dedicated to providing safe and effective pain management strategies to all our patients. Alleviating pain is the most compassionate thing we can do to ensure your pet’s comfort while recovering from surgical procedures and ailments.